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Our principal point in this nubmers of articles would be this idea: Transforming the students from a passenger to a “user”. You need be wondering what they mean by that. Allow us excuse.
Inquire yourself what that means to be a “exploiter”.

A user is not just a somebody who uses. For the pupils, being a user would affect exploitation the future technology in a free and self-governing mode. That new-found exemption will permit the pupils to get an active player in his teaching instead of an inactive passenger. No opposite time in chronicle have we been so able to create this a reality.

In my actual scientific fellowship, being a user also means being tracked. Tracking has turned a major part of their daily lives and is precisely the locomotive that should drive your educational process for the foreseeable future. Tracking a pupils means having the power to point training. The ability to accurately customise syllabus to the someone has been the sacred grail of training doctrine for many ages. That golden century of technical developing may soon enable this wish to turn a realism

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